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Yvona Kreuzmannová (staff, Tanec Praha)

Yvona established the Tanec Praha organisation in 1991, guided by a clear vision and a mission whose fulfilment she oversees as the artistic director, top manager and chief financial officer. Her portfolio of activities includes the TANEC PRAHA Festival (since 1991), the Czech Dance Platform (1995), PONEC – the dance venue (2001), the Krenovka Studio and the Dance House in the pipeline (2025). As for the Dance Well project, she embodies the statutory authority of the non-governmental organisation. She is in charge of its management, controlling and signing of applications for support, the accounts and reporting, ongoing monitoring of the development of the project and the media coverage of the outputs. She gave the thumbs-up to the project and became one of its initial members. Throughout her career, she has been a passionate advocate better conditions for dance and movement arts both on the professional art scene but also on the community. Her activities merge dance into education and health care with a particular emphasis on well-being and equal opportunities.
"Dance Well expresses my lifelong passion for all that dance and movement can bring into our lives, including the ability to overcome both physical and mental obstacles".

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