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Teresa Hoffmann

Teresa is a dancer, movement researcher and choreographer based in Hamburg. She is trained both in Psychology (Dipl.) and Performance Studies (MA). Within her artistic work she is mainly dedicated to the production of dance pieces for and sometimes with young human beings. The relation and difference between adult worlds and children worlds stands paradigmatically for her interest in being confronted with ways of thinking, moving and feeling that for her as an adult human being has been un-learned or forgotten.
A strong root for her general interest in improvisational settings can be dated back to her ongoing involvement in Contact Improvisation since 2009. Rather than being interested in the “form”, she is thrilled by the vast potential of the bodymind-thoughts and actions that unfold from that practice.
She is a practitioner in the Ilan Lev Method, an approach to body work and movement that looks for clarity and space by means of chaos, asymmetry and complexity so that the logical brain can give up.
Next to moving she loves working with and creating textile objects and play the doublebass due to the joy of being an acoustic support.

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