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Sara Marconi (researcher, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo)

Sara Marconi is Researcher at Fondazione Fitzcarraldo. She loves the unexpected, especially the ones that led her from training as a social worker to a Master's degree in Management of Social Enterprises, becoming an expert in impact evaluation for cultural projects and organisations based on the Theory of Change.
She likes to train herself to look on the bright side of things and take care of details and peculiarities. She regularly and passionately exercises the encounter between the cultural and social dimensions in her research paths, as they coexist and interact in most of the phenomena she happens to observe. She use to explore multi-purpose connections between social and cultural sectors to deeply understand how they can work together in audience development and engagement processes, as well as enhance individual and community wellbeing, social cohesion, and inclusion.
There are some words she particularly cares about: accessibility, participation, wellbeing, cross-sectoral cooperation and synergies.

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