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Roman Zotov Mikshin

From the age of 12 until 15 Roman Zotov Mikshin was professionally dedicated to ballroom dance after which he entered a street dance company and, at the same time, he started DJing. Upon moving from Russia to Czechia, he studied business management at the University of Economy in Prague. In 2012 he started studying at the Duncan centre dance conservatory. Two years after his graduation in 2016, he started to teach there. 
Since 2020 he is a licensed yoga teacher and he focuses on developing his education in taekwondo. In recent years he has been collaborating with the experimental theatre Spitfire Company. He is a co-founder of Ferst Dadler & Co., an artistic company dedicated mostly to long-duration performances. 
The core of his practice is inclusion, democracy and contingency. All the performances he co-created with his partners at the Ferst Dadler & Co. provide for time, space and other entities to allow participants to be together and to be creative, regardless of the level of training in the artistic field. 

The keywords of his practice are imagination, re-evaluation, happiness and respect

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