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Paulo Lando Muwala

Muwala-Paulo Lando started gymnastics at the age of seven and practiced this sport at the highest level for 13 years. After this experience, he attended dance classes, hip-hop, ballet, modern and jazz. He also joined a show group called "Dreamstyler Entertainment”. After graduating from the Werner Seelenbinder School, an elite school for competitive athletes, he began his state-approved training as a contemporary stage dancer which lasted three years. Subjects such as contact improvisation, modern dance, Graham technique or composition increased his understanding of dance and movement. After the training, he joined an urban dance group in which he learned to combine his gymnastic skills with his contemporary and the newly learned urban dance style. Arrangements in theatres, productions, show performances and advertising jobs around Germany, but also worldwide shaped his everyday life as an artist. At the same time, he began to teach dance and acrobatics and took on pedagogical functions in public schools, dance schools, clubs, and cultural authorities. Finally, he began his training as a naturopath and masseur.

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