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Mia Habib (choreographer, CSC)

Mia Habib (*1980, Houston, Texas) is an Oslo-based dancer, performer and choreographer working at the intersection of performance, exhibitions, publications, lectures, teaching, mentoring and curating. Habib holds an M.A in conflict resolution and mediation from Tel Aviv University (2011) and a B.A. in choreography and dance pedagogy from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2003).
She is a former member of the board of The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, a former member of the Artistic council at theater Kloden, and a former board member of Performing Arts Hub Norway.
Over the last 20 years Mia Habib’ work and research has, with Mia Habib Productions and her team of collaborators, been entering into different contexts, looking for spaces where her work can interact with different audiences and with the realities of local communities. Habib is interested in work that engages in wide conversations and speaks about concerns of our time in different spaces. Spaces understood as being bodies, physical environments, contexts, communities and people, all contextualized within the political, social and artistic sphere.
Mia Habib Productions engages in and facilitates labs and research with a variety of specialists including artists, scientists, political activists and others.

Mia Habib has created How to. A score. Bassano, for the Dance Well dancers in Bassano del Grappa, presented in Bassano in August 2023.  

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