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Markéta Vacovská

Markéta Vacovská has a background in physical theatre and mime. In 2012, she graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (with a Master degree in Nonverbal theatre). For one year she also studied at a mime school in Paris. However, throughout her studies of physical theatre, she has never lost interest in dance to which she had been drawn since her childhood. Most of her professional career as a freelance dance artist, she has been working with companies that relate to physical, visual and dance theatre.

Her practice consists in contemporary dance, yoga, butoh, somatic practices, real time composition and dance improvisation as well as hardening and self-development activities. She perceives the human body as an infinite landscape where the abstract meets the figurative, where the real meets the imaginative and where the intimate meets the performative.
The keywords of her practice are 
community and human network, inclusion, learning, dance as a strong social work tool, fragility but power, sharing, gathering and dancing


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