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Kristýna Šimsová (staff, Tanec Praha)

Kristýna Šimsová joined the Tanec Praha team at the turn of 2022/2023 when she reinforced the PONEC Theatre PR Team. Her agenda mainly entails creating and proofreading texts, promoting the theatre's performances and activities and creating original content. She integrated the Dance Well team in February 2023, approximately one month before classes in Prague started. She is responsible for PR and promotion of the project. She graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. During her studies, she specialised in the cultural field and worked as a marketing specialist for several years.
"Lending a helping hand to those who need it. I believe in the healing power of dance, and I know from my own experience that dance and movement are a cure for the body and soul, a therapy. A safe place where anyone can come, without fear or prejudice, approach themselves and others and feel like a part of the community. Being here and now, experience, development, belonging."

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