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Hana Polanská

Hana Polanská was a ballet dancer at the National Theatre in Prague, a choreographer and she studied arts history and choreography. Currently, she is doing a PhD program at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, exploring the effect of dance on the brain with the elderly. She also teaches dance at university. She is educated in contemporary dance techniques and somatic practices. She loves to think about progressive dance theory and she wishes to connect arts and science and increase the reputation of dance with the ultimate goal to open dance practice to social work. 
Her core practice consists of somatic approaches, mainly the Laban Movement Analysis/Bartenieff Fundamentals, which present a complex system of movement observation and analysing. She sees dance as a complex activity that can improve neuroplasticity, not only through movement as such but also due to social connections.
The keywords in her practice are: soft revolution, science/art, social work, empathy, neuroplasticity, joy, sharing.

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