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Gabija Blochina

Gabija Blochina is a contemporary dance dancer and teacher. Her dance journey started a few decades ago. She tried different dance styles and she finds contemporary dance the most inspiring and meaningful. She graduated with a master’s degree in Literature. During her studies, she has been dancing in Aura Dance Theatre. Later she started to work as a freelancer and teacher. She regularly attends various workshops to improve her dance techniques. She is interested in teaching dance to different age groups and to people with individual requirements. During classes it’s essential for her to create an environment where people can share, explore and grow together as a team and as individuals.
Her aim is to inspire every person to create their own dance. Dance is for everybody, and it’s a powerful tool, with which you can create a world, a better place to live in – this is the core of her approach to dance and teaching in general. 
The keywords which are guiding her practice are: curiosity, imagination, exploration, freedom, joy, flow, beauty, harmony, connection, lightness, being here now, different movement qualities, pleasure to move and letting go. 

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