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Erika Vizbaraitė Vaičiulienė

Erika Vizbaraitė Vaičiulienė is a dancer and choreographer, who started her path as a classical ballet dancer, studied at „Rambert“ dance college (U.K) and Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy, where she took interest in Contemporary dance and found passion in choreography. She has staged several contemporary dance performances, video dance movies, choreography for musicals, operas, various cultural and art projects. Erika Vizbaraitė was awarded the Golden Cross of the Stage for contemporary dance performance „Apnea" in 2020.

At the core of her practice we find the topics of discovery and creativity with the connection between body and mind. A game of images, situations, feelings and rhythm. But also fluent, sensual, and earthy movement.
The key words guiding her practice in the Dance Well journey are creativity, curiosity, imagination, joy, breathing, safe space, flow.

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