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Chiara Borgia

Chiara Borgia is a ballerina for the Corps de Ballet of the La Scala Theatre in Milan, whose Academy she attended. Parallel to her role of ballerina, she starts practicing yoga in 2006 and in 2021 graduates at the Italian Academy of Fitness as a Hatha Yoga teacher. Interested in investigating the relationship amongst mind, body and energy, she experiments breathing techniques and gets the 1^ level Reiki Usui method. 
The core of Chiara Borgia's practice is the pleasure of sharing her somatic and artistic knowledge with the participants, and paying attention to the reactions and the participation of each and everyone in a group where everything is possible and people can free themselves from physical and imaginary limits.
The key words guiding her in the Dance Well experience are excitement, welcoming, empathy, attention, transformation and discovery.

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