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Cécile Da Costa

Cécile Da Costa has been dancing since she was young, mainly contemporary dance. After getting a degree in sociology and pedagogy in France, she joined a physical theatre company based in Prague.

In her practice, she is interested in the link between body postures and thoughts. This led her into the field of Dynamic Alignment through imagery. She believes, as Eric Franklin put it, that our thoughts are constantly sculpting our posture and our posture influences our thoughts. 

She also uses knowledge she got from a scientifically designed training system called Z-Health. The exercises target the brain. Besides movement, she works with voice. Voice is a part of the body and as such it allows us to express ourselves (not only by the meaning of words but through the qualities of vibrations) and to recognise our blocks and obstacles we create within. 
She believes that dance becomes every day more of a way of living and relating to her environment and the people. It is also a way to take care of her health (physical as well as psychological).

The keywords in her practice with Dance Well are joy, care, beauty, discovering, dialogue, network, surprising, possibilities.

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