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Barbora Látalová

Barbora Látalová's artistic background is in dance, performance, choreography, and dance and movement pedagogy. She graduated in 1996 at the Duncan Centre Conservatory in Prague with an internship in modern dance at the Hunter College at the City University of New York and NYU, focusing on dance therapy. Since 2016, She is an artistic director and co-founder of a Prague-based arts association Ostružina z.s. 
The core of her practice is improvisation, free game, somatic work, score, collaboration, and conviviality, all of which she developed through a long-time experience as a lecturer at PONEC venue’s Children's Studio and the project Dance for Schools of Tanec Praha association, as well as a performer at the Nie Theatre company and through participation in score dance projects.  
Keywords guiding her practice are: movement, communication, sensitivity, support, courage, dance in life, awareness, pleasure, confidence, sharing, respect, possibilities.

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