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Azad Yesilmen

Azad Ümit Yesilmen is a full-time dancer and belongs to the urban dance scene - nationally and internationally. His work base is in Hamburg and Frankfurt, and he has been studying and training on many different dance styles for 12 years: popping, House, Voguing, Breaking, New Style Hustle and Hip Hop.
In his courses he works with the WhatHowWhen method: the WHAT stands for the dance style, the dance form (e.g. ballet, jazz, cultural dances, urban dances etc.) or the scheme (whether choreography or individual technique); the WHEN stands for speed: rhythm and timings; the HOW stands for the feeling, the individual dance experience: the space in which the feeling arises when the what and/or the when is certain.
In his course with Dance-Well he will focus on time: by slowing down, he hopes that a new space will open up to get out of the everyday rhythm, and everyone will be able to experience themselves and their surroundings more vividly.

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