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Aurore Floreancig

Aurore Floreancig is a french dancer and choreographer, she got a degree from the Music and Dance Superior School of Lille and she is state graduated as a contemporary dance teacher..She also got an Art licence and a Music and Dance Master (Lille 3 University). She has been living in Chile, Paraguay and Germany for a few years, where she participated into several masterclasses and workshops. In parallel of her dance studies she got a degree in POlitical Sciences (Master 2), which enhanced her will to question our society through art. Aurore is artist in residence since september 2018 in a contracted stage (le Safran Amiens) but also associated to a theatre focused on territory issues (scène de territoire Glisy-Longueau), and she also got a partnership with a town 20 minutes far from Lille (North of France).
As a choregrapher, she developed her own company work (Cie MouvemenT(é)s)) and her own dance pieces such as I.n R.eal L.ife (2021 creation, on tour 2022-23) confronting the consequences of social media on individual behaviours and human relationships. She also created extramural short pieces. As a dancer and choreographer, and sometimes as a comedian, she also worked with several theatre companies, with lyrical music companies, and developed her own pedagogical and sensitive langage while working with several communities: she also collaborated with an association producing art performances in the hospitals, created two dance pieces for non-professionals and teaches at the Art University of Amiens.

Aurore Floreancig, foto di Gabriela Téllez
Aurore Floreancig, foto di Gabriela Téllez

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