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Arianna Ulian (dancer, CSC)

Arianna Ulian is a writer and performer. She has a background in philosophy of science and contemporary music. She has played in various and diverse ensembles, using music as a mean of intervention in social situations of celebration, protest, memory. She has participated in sound and writing workshops with Fred Frith, Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, Marcello Fois, Vitaliano Trevisan, Giulio Mozzi.
She has worked as a sound designer for foundations, civic museums, communication agencies and architectural firms, in particular for MCA-Mario Cucinella Architects.
She leads courses at the Storytelling Workshop of Giulio Mozzi, and is a teacher in public schools. She made her debut in 2021 with the novel La questione dei cavalli, the first title of the Fremen series, published by Laurana publishing house. On the occasion of a choreographic project commissioned by Operaestate, she started the collaboration as author and performer with dance artist Sara Sguotti.

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