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Anna Grigiante

Anna Grigiante is an Italian dance artist. She graduated in 2018 at the Three-year Course of Contemporary Dance at Balletto di Roma. Subsequently, she worked with Yasmeen Godder, Mèlanie Demers, Masako Matsushita. She is the co-founder of the artistic team Base 9, a cultural association that co-imagine and co-create choreographic, workshop projects in conventional and non-conventional spaces. From 2021 she is a Certificate Yoga Alliance Teacher.
The core of her practice is based on energetic practice in which the breath and the voice are involved. On one hand the whole body is constantly looking for a somatic approach, on the other hand the imagination is always there to support the encounter with the unknown. The key words that are guiding her practice in this journey are: collective body, collective awareness, encounters, stay in the complexity as a way to go through the formality of the body.

Anna Grigiante, foto di Sara Lando
Anna Grigiante, foto di Sara Lando

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