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Anna Gazdíková (staff, Tanec Praha)

Anna integrated the Tanec Praha team in 2021. At the PONEC Theatre, she is a production manager responsible for daily operations, while within the TANEC PRAHA Festival, she takes care of production management and executive production. She joined Dance Well in December 2022, during the last preparation phase before the start of classes. She takes care of production activities before and during lessons, administration of lesson execution, archiving and monitoring. She is also a student of Philosophy and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. In her research, she focuses on the intersections of philosophy and contemporary art, with a special emphasis on dance and movement arts and specific forms of visual art. 
"To me, Dance Well means a deeper understanding of how important and complex conscious presence is in one's own body, bodily presence in society, and overall presence 'with' and 'for' the other. A sensitive reminder to slow down and return to ourselves."

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