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Anna Dalle Carbonare

Anna Dalle Carbonare is a student of Language, Society, and Communication at Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna and from May to September 2022, she worked as volunteer in the organization of OperaEstate Festival in Bassano Del Grappa. Her artistic background finds its roots in modern dance, and the core of her practice is to study, observe, and try to understand how every single dance move can affect us. An intimate comprehension, connection, and communication with the others; a place where everyone is equal. The leading keywords of her Dance Well journey are three: creation, change, and connection. All these aspects allow people to interact whit their innermost part. A creation of a place where everyone is free to express him/herself, where bodies and souls are the core. A path towards the change of our reality perception, and connection with the others. In this sense, dance meets participants’ personal life experiences, reaching a sensation of freedom and lightness through specific movements and spiritual connection.

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