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The Dance Well podcast is online!

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The first of the six episodes of The Dance Well podcast is online! A series in six episodes, each of them dedicated to the creative processes and the production of the performances by international choreographers with the Dance Well communities in each city of the project. 

In this first episode, journalist and podcaster Danielle Mitzman guides us into the creative process and the performance of "How to. A score. Bassano" by Mia Habib, presented in Bassano del Grappa in August 2023. 

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Thanks to Mia Habib, Ilaria Marcolin, Liam Monzer Alzafari and all the Dance Well dancers and community for their openness and generosity. Special thanks to all those who kindly and willingly lent their vocal skills and time to provide the voice overs. And thanks to Arianna Pupetti for accompanying me and giving her joyful perspective on Dance Well.

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