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Dance Well creations: "How to. A score. Bassano" by Mia Habib

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choreography and concept Mia Habib
living archive Liam Monzer Alzafari
choreography assistant Ilaria Marcolin
with Silvana Gasparetti, Paola Agostini, Arianna Ulian, Gabriele Marcolin, Daniela Scotton, Livia Marin, Giuseppina Belon, Anna Maria Scodro, Eva Boarotto, Vittoria Battistella, Giuliana Cempini
and with Nadia Bizzotto, Cristina Peron, Lorena Conte, Paola Bertoncello, Marinka Sirotnjak, Agnese Baggio, Pia Tessarolo, Giuseppina Cavallin, Luisa Dalla Palma, Veronica Bonato
This creation is part of the European project Dance Well, supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union

Choreographer Mia Habib's creation has been inspired by her project How to. A score, a collection of solos that happen at the same time, born from dance practices for the creation and bond of new and different communities.
The research started from the themes of ecology, of a possible future and what we want to leave to those who will remain on the planet after us. The dancers of Bassano, supported by choreographer and Dance Well teacher Ilaria Marcolin, have contributed with their stories, reflections, and with their own solos, to the construction of a piece that brings them together in a community, while enhancing the uniqueness and perspective of each.
In addition to the performances, the audience has been invited to visit the "living archive" of the project: created by the set designer Liam Al Zafari, it gave a unique key to the creative process.

Here the short film : 


Here the photogallery by Dance Well teacher and photographer Anna Kushnirenko: 

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