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The Dance Well Club in the Probebühne 1 programme at K3!

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  • 08 January 2024

The Dance Well Klub of K3 presented a 10-minute piece on the K3 showing format Probebühne 1 ("Rehearsal Stage 1"). 
In the piece, the movements were inspired by water, and shaped from a practice of co-creation and collective memory: it was in fact composed from prompts and ideas that the club had been working on for the past two months.

It was a very intimate and touching atmosphere and the whole evening programme has been really enriched by the club’s participation. As for the dancers/performers, they were really excited to show something to an audience, and immediately switched to a stage professionals mode, supported by the knowledge that togetherness blows away stage fright, and with the subsequent realisation that it was an empowering experience, that brought the group together even more than expected. 

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