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International Dance Day 2023

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  • 30 April 2023

On 29 April Dance Well celebrated, in the digital space, the International Dance Day: a day of celebration that unites all the countries of the world, promoted by the International Dance Council of UNESCO. 
Starting from 8 in the morning, on the facebook page of @dancewellbassano and on instagram _dancewell, every half hour was published a video starring each of the many Dance Well communities, Italian and international, to connect all the dancers and teachers of the project and celebrate together the International Dance Day.

The idea is to bring dance into everyday life and promote dance culture as a source of psychophysical well-being, accessible to all. This year in particular the title will be CROSSING an original idea of the artist Mantas Stabacinskas.  Crossing is a dance reworking of the crossing of public space, where every pedestrian strip, road signs or square can become new stages, transformed by moving bodies, through dance and a pinch of creativity.

In the previous weeks, Dance Well dancers from all over the world have been working to learn some short choreographies created by their teachers, through the public space of their cities and regaining possession through the language of dance.  All participants, including some members of the staff of the partner organizations, experienced a new way of living and experiencing the public space, often crossed without attention, to move from one place to another.
These moments of community and sharing were filmed, under the curious eyes of passers-by, and collected by all Dance Well partners in the world to create a great digital event focused on well-being and relationship, also overcoming geographical and linguistic boundaries.

The videos are still available on the Facebook page and the instagram account of Dance Well, and on youtube in this playlist: 


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