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"How to. A score. Bassano" by Mia Habib: a photogallery of the creative process

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  • 24 September 2023

How to. A score. Bassano.  is the title of Mia Habib's creation for the Dance Well dancers in Bassano: presented in August 2023, in the frame of B.Motion - a section of the local festival Operaestate focusing on the most contemporary proposals from the International scenes - the piece is inspired by Habib's project How to. A score: a macro-solo consisting of several stand-alone solos, based on a choreographic community and performance score. An archive of practices, developed by artists all over the world, that has been transmitted to the dancers, with the support of local Dance Well teacher and dance artist Ilaria Marcolin, as both individual and group research on the topics of grief and ecology. 

What will be left on Earth after we're gone? What's ecological grief? What's childish and what's not? How to deal with our interior worlds and the expectations of the outside? How to connect with oneself, with each other, and with the audience? 

How to. 

Then also: how to document a creative process? 
In the few weeks of transmission, research, and performance, there have been several ways this process has been documented and transformed into a living archive by scenographer and visual artist  Liam Al Zafari, who for the first time witnessed the creative process, and gave an insight into the score and the community work, through traces, memories, texts and pictures from the process, accessed by the audience in Bassano in the format of an exhibition and guided path to the performance venue.

Next to the audiovisual documentation (stay tuned for the films and the podcasts of Dance Well!), Dance Well teacher and photographer Anna Kushnirenko captured the process through her camera lens. Here are some of her pictures: 

DSC 7955   

DSC 8198

DSC 8787  

DSC 9225   

DSC 9112


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