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Dance Well presentation in Bolzano, Italy

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  • 28 November 2023

On Saturday, November 25th, Dance Well has been presented in the symposium "Living with Parkinson's: new points of view through new perspectives", at the main hospital in Bolzano,  hosted by the South Tyrol Healthcare Agency, and facilitated by Neurologist Doc. Cecilia Raccagni. 

The symposium had a focus on how art can improve the quality of life of people living with Parkinson's and how artistic practices can help with symptoms as well: the opening of the event. has been led by Dr. Francesco Teatini, Head of Neurology at the Hospital of Bolzano, followed by the lecture "James Parkinson, the doctor who discovered the disease." by Dr. Susanne Buechner, neurologist, head of the Parkinson’s clinic of the Bolzano hospital. 
The facilitator of the symposium, neurologist Dr Cecilia Raccagni, opened the artistic focus with her "Celebrities with Parkinson’s disease." speech, followed by "Art therapy in Parkinson’s disease. What the literature says" by Lisa Lerjefors, neurologist at the Parkinson’s Clinic in Bolzano, and "Art therapy as I support patients with Parkinson’s." by visual art therapist Ulrike Goller Hofmann. 

Dance Well had the space of one hour, and has been introduced by Lorena La Rocca (Project Manager Arte, Cultura e Salute Sabes Bolzano- Chiron), who focused on the WHO research and some experiences of art and health practices around Italy; and has then offered to the audience an half an hour class let by Dance Well teacher Michela Negro. The audience, mainly of people with Parkinson's and caregivers, next to Med students and staff of the hospital, have engaged happily with the practice and the following presentation. 

During the Q&A session, a young woman living with Parkinson's has shared her experience of the practice: how it affected positively her mood, and how she realised some gestures that are difficult to achieve in daily life or in a phisiotherapy session suddenly became easier with the help of the imagery and the dance flow. 

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