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Dance Well awarded the National Digital Theatre Critics Prize (Premio Rete Critica) 2023!

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  • 22 November 2023

The winning project of the 2023 National Digital Theatre Critics Network Prize is Dance Well - movement research for Parkinson!
The final of the Prize was held in Naples, at the Teatro Bellini, partner of Rete Critica, informal network of online theatrical titles. In the previous months the members of Rete Critica had selected three other finalist projects, in addition to Dance Well: the multidisciplinary company Teatringestazione, based in Naples, the festival Il Giardino delle Esperidi, in Campsirago, and the company Teatro delle Bambole in Bari. At the end of the two days of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November - during which companies alternated in presenting their projects - the jury rewarded the work of art and territorial welfare of Dance Well.

This is the motivation of the jury, composed of twenty of the main Italian newspapers and online magazine for live performing arts:
"Started in the small Italian province of Bassano del Grappa, Dance Well has distinguished itself within the national scene, through a ten-year path, for the ability to transform dance into an inclusive tool of well-being and change in people’s lives.
Particularly significant is the intervention within cultural and museum places that leads, moreover, to a different relationship and perception of artistic work, also through a fertile dialogue with choreographers of international scope, within a festival like B.Motion. Our interest, finally, focuses on the extraordinary nature of a project encouraged and supported, from the beginning, by local institutions that gives an encouraging signal on the possibility of our political community to leave a mark in the present in the face of the difficulties of the rea

Rete Critica is an informal structure that gathers information and theatrical criticism websites and blogs, in which independent realities participate, with a recognizable editorial line and continuity of work. Applications and self-applications are periodically evaluated.
Since 2011 the Premio Rete Critica has been awarded annually with the aim of rewarding artistic or company paths, with particular attention to the productions of the season before the opening of applications, or planning/organization, with particular attention to the ability to represent themselves in an innovative way also in relation to their own reference territory.

Info: +39 0424.519803/4 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Photos: Flavia Tartaglia for Teatro Bellini

Rete Critica Premio 2023 2   Rete Critica Premio 2023 2 

Rete Critica Premio 2023 4  Rete Critica Premio 2023 6 

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Rete Critica Premio 2023 9  Rete Critica Premio 2023 10 

Rete Critica Premio 2023 1The staff who attended the presentation  Rete Critica Premio 2023 12The jury

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