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A new museum for the classes in Italy: Museo dell’Arte Ceramica of Ascoli Piceno

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  • 08 January 2024

The Italian network of Dance Well keeps growing and developing: in the Marche region, next to the regular classes in Recanati, new classes started in Ascoli Piceno at the Museo dell'Arte Ceramica (Museum of Ceramics). Since the very first class, the museum welcomed a lot of participants, and thanks to the warm autumn days, the first weeks of classes took place in the cloister of the museum (see pictures), generating more and more interest in visitors and citizens too. 
Among the participants, also the director of the Museum and the director of the Musei di Ascoli network. 

The autumn in the Marche has been very busy, dissemination-wise: Carlotta Tringali, representing AMAT for Dance Well, and the teacher Sara Gagliardini, have been invited to a conference organised by the Associazione Marchigiana Parkinson, where they introduced the practice and shared a 15 minutes class. In the following days, more participants joined the classes in Recanati, after participating or hearing about Dance Well at the conference. With the new year, both Ms. Tringali and the teachers will be busy with inviting high-school students to the classes, importing the format positively initiated in Bassano some years ago. 

DW Ascoli  DW Ascoli 2

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